Sunday, May 29, 2011

Fitness News #21

Fitness News #21



Soooo…. What did you think


RPM51 is in the house


Just in case you missed the music, here's the list again


1 Pack Ride: We R Who We R (Mekon Garden)

2 Pace: Halfway Gone (PupTent)

3 Hills: Raise Your Glass (Klub Smasherz Remix - Venus Jones)

4 Mixed Terrain: Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1 - MIG feat. Danny)

5 Intervals: Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Airplay)

6 Speed Work: Break My Fall (Sandy Elswick)

7 Mountain Climb: Numb (Hands Up Club Mix - Jan Wayne vs Raindropz!)

8 Ride Home: Please Don't Let Me Go (Love Definition)

9 Stretch: What If (Mandy Brewer)


Did you make it to the launch party?  Yes No. 


At this stage I've got one photo from the launch and some photo's of me with the body paint on at home check them out;


I don't have many from the launch party, but I've added some others so you can see what I looked like


Outdoor Cycling


Road Racing

I was in the Ken Dinnerval Memorial Handicap.  170 riders in a 90k road race at Albion Park, at the southern end of Wollongong.  The format is that  there are bunches of riders that go off in handicap groups and you work with the other riders in that group to catch the other groups.  In the end you race individually.    How did I go;


Lap 1.  The group worked well together but were riding too slow


Lap 2. I'm thinking that we need to attack hard on the hill and drop the riders that ain't working, but we realise that we are going to be caught by the group behind us and don't work that hard on the hill.  Pace picks up.  I bump into another rider at 57kph – opps.


Lap 3. Its becoming clear that we aren't going to catch the bunches in front of us, they still have a 4 minute lead.  We drop a lot of riders on the hill and head out on an impossible task of catching the front runners.  With about 10k to go we are caught by the scratch (elite) riders and the pace lifts even higher.  Finally the mega bunch is formed.  The pace is really hot, but I'm feeling comfortable and sprint for the finish beating about half of the elite riders. 


While we haven't won, we find out later that we weren't that far behind the winners


Race photo here;


Photo afterwards here;


Woman's introduction to track riding – Saturday 2pm

Finished, hope you enjoyed it.




The intention is to play RPM51 at all classes this week except for Rock HiPf Sat 8.15am, so everyone can experience it


Fitness First

Mon 30/05/11 6:00 AM        Walker Mon 6.00am -  cover for 3 months

Mon 30/05/11 5:45 PM        5Dock Mon 5.45pm

Tue 31/05/11 6:45 PM         Rock Tue 6.45pm

Wed 1/06/11 5:45 PM          N Strath Wed 5.45pm

Thu 2/06/11 6:00 AM           Walker Thu 6.00am

Thu 2/06/11 6:45 PM           5Dock Thu 6.45pm - cover

Fri 3/06/11 6:15 AM             Rock Fri 6.15am

Sat 4/06/11 8:15 AM            Rock HiPf Sat 8.15am – back to High Performance


It wouldn't surprise me if Steve needs to me to cover Rock Tue 5.45pm too, we shall see



Mon 30/05/11 7:30 PM        Riverwood Mon 7.30pm

Tue 31/05/11 6:15 AM         Riverwood Tue 6.15am


Ask Mike


If you have any questions or things you would like to see in the newsletter, then let me know


See you at the Gym


Cheers Mike



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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fitness News #20 - RPM51 launch

Fitness News #20



Hey Guys it was good to see you again in the Saturday morning class.  I don't have any Saturday racing for a while


Les Mills new releases


This week we will see the new Les Mills releases at all of the gyms.  Fitness First gyms will be doing launch parties, the CBD and North Sydney gyms on Wednesday and the Suburban gyms on Saturday.  YMCA isn't having a release, so you will get the new RPM stuff from Monday.  See classes below for specifics of which classes will get which releases.


At Rockdale on Saturday I will be releasing RPM51 with Jane, who you haven't seen at the Rock since 2009, so give her a warm welcome back.  Yeah, you get 2 of us up on stage !!!!!!  Rock-ettes, come and join us 8.15 Saturday.  There's a theme -  Wizards, Warlocks, Witches and all things "magic" is the theme, so dress up if your got something.


There are free passes at Fitness First, grab some and bring your friends.


Music, its grrrre-ate, well that's my view, but be the judge yourself.  For those a-busting to know, this is the music list;

Pack Ride: We R Who We R (Mekon Garden)

Pace: Halfway Gone (PupTent)

Hills: Raise Your Glass (Klub Smasherz Remix - Venus Jones)

Mixed Terrain: Turn Around (5,4,3,2,1 - MIG feat. Danny)

Intervals: Are You Gonna Be My Girl (Airplay)

Speed Work: Break My Fall (Sandy Elswick)

Mountain Climb: Numb (Hands Up Club Mix - Jan Wayne vs Raindropz!)

Ride Home: Please Don't Let Me Go (Love Definition)

Stretch: What If (Mandy Brewer)



Here's the sizzler of RPM 51, as released by Les Mills;


RPM™ 51 attacks your legs with a release that features short sharp sprints and some big climbs that'll get you out of your seats and stretch your lungs to the limits.


The opening Pack Ride gives you a chance to figure out who you are and, more importantly, who you want to be as you find that perfect Cycle Set position.


We're nowhere near Halfway Gone, but the pace is on, enticing the legs into a racing tempo, before getting your swagger on with a couple of climbs. Game on.


That's just a teaser, though. Track 3 takes you through the hills ... you might be tempted to Raise Your Glass in celebration, but you've really just begun.


You're playing in the Mixed Terrain - racing and climbing - then a series of intervals kick-start your heart rate and smash your legs as you take on the pack. Attack, attack!


Track 6 gives you a chance to flush out your legs and pick up some speed before the big challenge that lies ahead.


You could go around, but it's quicker to go straight up the guts of the mountain with us. Sure, you may be Numb at the end of it, but we promise you'll feel every second of the ascent and the benefits for a long time to come.


There'll be plenty of time to relive the workout with your mates on the Ride Home, but eventually, we know we must let you go.


We also know you'll be back for more!


Outdoor Cycling


Road Racing

I had a rest from racing this week, so we, put toghter Team Time Trail (TTT)  members and went out for a training session.   There were some tired legs out there, one member had ridden the 3 gorges yesterday, 125k plus a ton of climbing, another member had ridden a club race Sat arvo, while yours truly had the brilliant [not] idea of running on the running machine at Rockdale after High Performance RPM and done his legs in.  Anyway despite the challenges we worked well as a team and bolstered our confidence of been competitive when we race the NSW TTT championships in June.


Woman's introduction to track riding – Saturday 2pm

Last week, its also Jessica's birthday

Info :

Contact: Jessica

Guy's are on Monday and Wednesday nights.



What release I play depends on when the launch is for that gym.  For classes prior to that clubs launch,  we will reflect back on the current release


Fitness First

Mon 23/05/11 5:45 PM        5Dock Mon 5.45pm             RPM50

Tue 24/05/11 6:45 PM         Rock Tue 6.45pm                RPM50

Wed 25/05/11 5:45 PM        N Strath Wed 5.45pm          RPM50

Thu 26/05/11 6:00 AM         Walker Thu 6.00am             RPM51 new release

Fri 27/05/11 6:15 AM           Rock Fri 6.15am                   RPM50

Sat 28/05/11 8:15 AM          Rock Sat 8.15am                 RPM51 new release – Launch party


Mon 23/05/11 7:30 PM        Riverwood Mon 7.30pm     RPM51 new release

Tue 24/05/11 6:15 AM         Riverwood Tue 6.15am      RPM51 new release


Ask Mike


If you have any questions or things you would like to see in the newsletter, then let me know


See you at the Gym


Cheers Mike



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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fitness News #19

Fitness News #19



Down  in Goulburn this weekend, it was frigging cold on Saturday, hope it wasn't so bad in Sydney


Mikes Kitchen – Part One


So I've ranted on about this and that food wise, but do I live by what I preach.  The answer is… partially, I'm no angel, there's the odd crime here and there.  Part 1, the fridge is probably the better of the 3 parts, so here it is.




OK, the good and the not so good

Main Fridge

Marmalade – cheap Aldi brand.  Tut tut tut

Vegemite – but that Dick Smith brand, for a change from the usual vegemite

Margarine – elcheapo Aldi and Wollies brands.  Probably fill of something bad for me…

Duck eggs – like chicken eggs but about twice the size

Yoghurt – fruit flavored

Cheese – full fat

Cheese – feta.  Great for salads

Milk – full fat. Long life, cos I'm too lazy to plan my milk purchases

Grapes – 2kg, a good price at the moment and make a great snack

Vegetables – alfalfa, mushrooms, egg plant, water crest,  zucchinis, carrots, capsicum, pumpkin, tomatoes.  I'm not doing so bad there.


Halini Cheese – how do spell that?  It was on special, I need a recipes to use it

Tofu – I use it for stir fry

Butter – when the recipe says butter, I use butter.  Some say I should use it instead of Margarine

Parmesan   Cheese – I eat plenty of pasta and I'm too lazy to grate my own

Spices and Sauces – Mustard, chilli paste, satay sauce,  chilli sauce, tomato sauce, sweet chilli sauce, black bean sauce.  I have no idea what's good, bad and ugly amongst that lot

Coffee grounds

Milk – somehow I managed to buy it quicker than I used it.

Water  - 100% calorie free

Salad Dressing – this one has lasted a long time, I'd better check the use by date


Well it seems that I've done reasonably well on the fridge, but next week the freezer, I'm probably not going to do so well.


Outdoor Cycling


Road Racing

Saturday - NSW Road Racing Championship

Man that was one tough race.  Dropped, rode myself back on,  Dropped again, rode thru the motorcade by didn't get back on, rode again thru the motorcade and didn't get on again.  At halfway I could still see the front runners, but I was spent and that was that.  Finished about 1/3 thru the riders, so reasonable result but no medal.


Sunday - NSW Criterion Championship

Straight from the start the pace was hot, riders were being shed on every lap, but I felt good.  Early on 2 rides went for a breakaway and I didn't respond and this turned out to be a fatal mistake as they winner came from those 2 riders.  Later a rider went off the front and I jumped out the pack and rode up to him, but he was spent and I ended up by myself, so I rode tempo for 2 laps hoping for someone to join me, as the 2 riders away were 17 seconds ahead, too far for me to ride solo, but no one joined me so I let the pack catch me and I sat in.  Later in the race I went off front again but no one joined me so I aborted that break again.  On the last lap a rider crashed in front of me and I lost a lot of ground, which I had to regain over the lap.  Coming into the last corner I was too far back and rolled a couple of riders to come over the line 8th.


Woman's introduction to track riding – Saturday 2pm

Second to last week

Info :

Contact: Jessica

Guy's are on Monday and Wednesday nights.




Fitness First

Mon 16/05/11 6:15 AM        Newtown Mon 6.15am (Cover)

Mon 16/05/11 5:45 PM        5Dock Mon 5.45pm

Tue 17/05/11 6:45 PM         Rock Tue 6.45pm

Wed 18/05/11 5:45 PM        N Strath Wed 5.45pm

Thu 19/05/11 6:00 AM         Walker Thu 6.00am – Red Lighted

Fri 20/05/11 6:15 AM           Rock Fri 6.15am

Sat 21/05/11 8:15 AM          Rock HiPf Sat 8.15am



Mon 16/05/11 7:30 PM        Riverwood Mon 7.30pm

Tue 17/05/11 6:15 AM         Riverwood Tue 6.15am


Ask Mike


If you have any questions or things you would like to see in the newsletter, then let me know


See you at the Gym


Cheers Mike



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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Fitness News #18

Fitness News #18



Winter is knocking us on the door, however we have been blessed with some sunny days, which we need to enjoy them while we can


Diet foods – the super puppy


Last week's discussion was about why we have diet foods where I proposed that we have been sold a puppy, but in ending, I left you with the open ending "the super puppy".  You probably thought, what's Mike on about?  And raced off to the fridge to find a snack.


The story starts many many moons ago, enter Mike with, lets say carrying a few extra kilos and virtually no food knowledge.  So what did I do?  I started eating reduced fat foods.  What was the result? Two things happened;

  1. I was continuously hungry
  2. I put on weight


So why did this happen?  I'm eating foods that claim to help you but the opposite happened.  Well the answer is that the foods I was eating simply replaced the reduced fat with increases of sugar, there was  no difference in calories and the food was less satisfying.  Less satisfaction meant greater consumption.

I had been sold the Super Puppy, products that claimed to be good for me, but were actually worse.


Super Puppy #1

  • High degree of manufacturing
  • Major claim to health, such as 97% fat free
  • Reduced content of bad thing, simply replaced with another bad thing
  • Usually not satisfying
  • Often more expensive

Bottom line, simply don't buy products like this.


But this isn't the only Super Puppy, there's 3 more;


Super Puppy#2

  • Base product is reasonably good
  • Large quantities of added sugar, either as sugar itself, or hidden in the ingredients, such as dried fruit

This puppy is largely sugar.  Next time you are at the supermarket, pick up your favourite cereal and compare the sugar content with weetbix.  Is that favourite cereal the right choice, or should you migrate to, for example a better muesli or weetbix


Super Puppy#3

·         Concentrated version of a good product

·         A high sugar content

·         May contain higher levels of substances that are harmful in extreme situations but not an issue in the source product

This is products such as fruit juice and dried fruit.  Fruit juice is seen as healthy but in reality it's only marginally better than soft drinks.  Dried fruit concentrates sugar.  In both, most of the vitamins of the original product have been lost.


Super Puppy#4

  • Higher levels of protein than its equivalent  products

This is where an ordinary product has been enhanced by adding protein powder, such as high protein cereal.   Why is this a puppy, because instead of mixing into the product ingredients that naturally have the required protein, the cheaper ingredients have been mixed with protein powder, keeping the manufacturing price down why still providing the manufacturer justification for the high price charged.  If you want this product, all you need to do is buy the base product, for example muesli and mix protein powder into it


Outdoor Cycling


Road Racing

Eddie Sales Cup on Easton Creek raceway.  The motorcycle fans will be amused that my race number was 46.  The highlight of the race was escaping crashing on the last corner of the last lap.  A rider crashed in front of me and I went around but on the other side riders crossed paths and I ended up colliding with another rider, we lent on each other really hard, because if we hadn't our bikes would of mixed and we would of both gone down.  We stayed up and I rolled to the finish.


Stats:  Distance 55k, 14 laps, average speed 40.5kph.


Woman's introduction to track riding – Saturday 2pm

Only a few weeks to go, if you are going to have a go, make it this weekend

Info :

Contact: Jessica

Guy's are on Monday and Wednesday nights.




Fitness First

Fitness First

Mon 9/05/11 5:45 PM          5Dock Mon 5.45pm

Tue 10/05/11 12:30 PM       Bond Wed 12.30pm - CBD come and join me

Tue 10/05/11 5:45 PM         Rock Tue 5.45pm

Tue 10/05/11 6:45 PM         Rock Tue 6.45pm

Wed 11/05/11 5:45 PM        N Strath Wed 5.45pm

Thu 12/05/11 6:00 AM         Walker Thu 6.00am

Fri 13/05/11 6:15 AM           Rock Fri 6.15am


Vanessa is covering this class while I'm at Goulburn for the NSW Road Racing Championships

Sat 14/05/11 8:15 AM          Rock HiPf Sat 8.15am



Mon 9/05/11 7:30 PM          Riverwood Mon 7.30pm

Tue 10/05/11 6:15 AM         Riverwood Tue 6.15am


Ask Mike


If you have any questions or things you would like to see in the newsletter, then let me know


See you at the Gym


Cheers Mike



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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

New Phone - lost phone contact list

Appologies for the bulk email.  My phone died and I have a new one (same number), however I have lost my entire phone directory. 

Those of you that communicate with me via phone, could you please send a business card to my phone so I can record your number

Within Australia: 0401994538
From overseas:  +61401994538

Thanks Michael

Michael Clement
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fwd: [New post] Forbidden fructose


Thought this post from Anastasia about fructose might be of interest


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: primalmeded <>
Date: Tue, May 3, 2011 at 6:40 PM
Subject: [New post] Forbidden fructose

Forbidden fructose

Not a day goes by without a well-meaning somebody reminding us that we don't eat enough fruit and vegetables. The nagging of the nutritionists rivals that of my grandmother who used to force her famous "borscht" down my throat. The limp and tasteless bits of cabbage would stick to the roof of my mouth making me gag and my shaking hand would invariably spill the red liquid on her white tablecloth, resulting in an extra serving of beetroot goodness. I am obviously still deeply scarred.

The bright images of squeaky clean green apples and shiny red capsicums are often displayed in contrast to the pictures of insipid and suspicious-looking burgers with visible grease glistening on the meat patty, with horror movie music theme in the background. You have to be a moron not to realise which one is better for you, right?

Is it any wonder that a word "fructose", which we immediately associate with "fruit", sounds so wholesome? Fructose is indeed the predominant sugar in fruit. But it is a little more than that.

For something that sounds so healthy, fructose has been implicated in several nutritional crimes of late. Several studies have found that excess fructose consumption can cause insulin resistance in the liver, NAFLD (non-alcoholic fatty liver disease), gout, hypertension and abdominal obesity, colloquially known as a "spare tyre". Does it make sense from physiological point of view?

Simple science

Actually, it does. While fructose is a simple sugar (=monosaccharide) just like glucose, it is actually processed in the body quite differently. After being absorbed from your intestine, it goes directly to the liver. The liver is like your body's own Border Control. It receives raw materials, a.k.a. nutrients, from the gut, examines them for suitability (is it poison? is it a building block?) and then packages the good stuff up, loads them onto specialised freight trucks (transport molecules) and sends them via blood to customers, the cells in your tissues.

As you already know, the liver helps the pancreas keep the blood glucose on a tight leash, either by releasing more of it or by diverting extra glucose to fat stores. However, unlike glucose, fructose is too toxic to be floating around your body. Like a conscientious customs officer, your liver recognises the danger and neutralises it  by converting ALL fructose into triglycerides (fat). Triglycerides can be sent to the safe heaven of your fat tissues in their own trucks called LDLs (did you just have a little "Eureka" moment?), or they can be stored in the liver itself. Not good either way. Nobody likes love handles or their liver resembling fois gras.

Incidentally, do you know what else is processed in a similar way by the liver? Alcohol. So what would happen from a love match between alcohol and fructose? Bacardi Breezer, anyone?

Back to reality

Hang on, you ask, are you saying that fruit will make me fat and diabetic? No. The concentration of fructose in fruit is unlikely to harm you. In a manner of a true toxin, fructose has a dose-response relationship: the more you have, the worse it is.

The real question is: what other foods contain fructose? You are probably familiar with HFCS, high fructose corn syrup, a ubiquitous sweetener in the land of stars and stripes. HFCS is a product of industrial engineering genius: it is cheap, subsidised by the government (yay for corn subsidies) and is sweeter than sucrose, table sugar. It has been justly vilified and we often think we are lucky that it never took off in Oz.

However, your humble sucrose is not much better. HFCS normally used in soft drinks has 55%/45% fructose/glucose content. The white stuff that you put in your coffee is 50/50. Let's say you don't use sugar in your coffee and you don't drink Coke, does it let you off the fructose hook? Sorry, no. Fructose is used in pretty much every processed and packaged product, whether on its own or as part of sugar. Fortunately for manufacturers, they don't have to put fructose on nutrition labels. But you can estimate fructose content of foods yourself by dividing the amount of sugar on the label in half. (Be careful, it doesn't work with dairy products, as their main sugar is lactose, not sucrose).

Here is a little table I prepared earlier.

  Sugar content (g) Estimated fructose content (g)
Apple green,



Apple juice,



Banana bread,
57g piece



Lipton Iced Tea, 375mL bottle



cereal, 40g



Coca Cola,
600mL bottle



As you can see, you have to have a hell of a lot of apples to come close to the level of fructose an average Australian/American consumes daily in the course of their processed food addiction.

What about fruit juice? Not too long ago fruit had to be squeezed by hand. Homemade juice sans the electrical juicer can be used as a babysitting tool: it will keep your kids busy for hours as they diligently work up a sweat trying to earn one glass of precious sugary orange liquid. If you want to be really mean, tell them to make apple juice by hand. Nobody in their right mind will eat 6 to 8 oranges in one sitting, but apparently a glass of juice, made from the same amount of fruit, is a healthy addition to our diet with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Due to its current love affair with GI, Diabetes Australia tells diabetics that "a healthy eating plan for diabetes can include some sugar". Glucose has a GI of 100, but table sugar, with only 50% of glucose, is 65. But the other 50%, fructose, is the real killer. Unfortunately, the very thing which makes the GI of sugar lower is the reason NOT to give it to diabetics. Its effects on the liver make it a ticking time bomb: you can't see the blood glucose rise but your liver is developing insulin resistance with every bite of that low-fat banana bread.

So what do you do?
1. Whenever you drink soft drinks, juices, sports drinks, it is not just
the calorie load and fat-storing effects of insulin you have to worry about. It
is the direct toxicity to the liver. So don't.
2. Avoid sweets and cakes with high load of sugar.
3. Avoid processed pre-packaged foods, bars, biscuits, as they have a lot
of hidden sugar.
4. If your goal is to lose fat, limit your fruit consumption to 2 a day.
5. If you have a diagnosed fatty liver, temporarily avoid fruit. It has
nothing that you can't find in vegetables.

More information:
1. A must to see: "Sugar: the Bitter Truth"
Robert H. Lustig, MD, UCSF Professor of Pediatrics in the Division of Endocrinology, explores the damage caused by sugary foods. He argues that fructose (too much) and fiber (not enough) appear to be cornerstones of the obesity epidemic through their effects on insulin. Series: UCSF Mini Medical School for the Public [7/2009] [Health and Medicine] [Show ID: 16717]
2. Dr Eades on sugar vs HFCS
3. Double danger of HFCS
4. Fructose content in popular beverages differs from data labels
5. Review: Fructose, weight gain and the insulin resistance syndrome

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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fitness News #17

Fitness News #17



Welcome to the other side of Easter.  Hands up if you ate too many Easter eggs [mikes hand goes up].  Hands up if you put weight on over Easter  [mikes hand goes up].


And with the indulgence over Easter, its made we think about diet foods and why the exist


Diet foods have we been sold a puppy?


Every decade the statistics show that Australia was fatter than previous decade.  By 2005 65% of males and 55% of females were deemed to be overweight.  At the same time the selves at the supermarket carry more and more diet related products, in alignment with the obesity crisis that Australia is facing.


Flash back to the 1950's, society was very different to what it is today.  The food on the table was simplistic, relatively healthy and lifestyles had a stack of incidental exercise built in.  For most life was in balance.


So what happened, how did society end up where it is today?  The answer is complex by nature, but can be broken down to;

  1. The loss of incidental exercise.  The housewife was freed of the more difficult jobs with the influx of devices, the washing machine, the vacuum cleaner and later the dishwasher, while the man of the house got the motor mower and collection of power tools.  Yes in 50's gender roles were defined.   The trip to the shops on foot was replaced with the motor car to the shopping centre.  And entertainment was delivered to the home via the Television.
  2. The changes in our diet.  Fast food came on to the market, based on taste derived from large doses of inexpensive fat and sugar and fuelled by massive marketing campaigns.  Even the humble sandwich taken to work has been replaced by the dreaded takeaway.  It seems that on every second corner is a vending machine providing products guaranteed to harden the arties and send us to an early death.


So to sum up on the food, what changes have we seen since the 50's

    • Meat and 3 vege, becomes a host of different meals, some good but mainly of much higher calorie content
    • Almost complete absence of fast food, that was once the special treat has become an everyday food.
    • Portion size could be close to double what it was.
    • The market has shrunk for simple healthy foods such as the humble apple, unable to compete without the massive marketing machines behind it
    • And the introduction of the not so humble snack.


You may ask, what does this have to do with diet food, well the answer to that diet food is a reaction to the calorie onslaught that has hit our shores, and is flooding the stomachs of almost all before it.


For example, look at the liquid we put into our bodies, back in the 50's we drank tea and water and the occasional soft drink, as a treat.  60 years latter tea has been replaced with the cappuccino and worst still, water with soft drink, one of the most evil products on the market, simply  calories with no nutritional value what so ever.  Enter the diet soft drink, the calories are removed from drink.  However this is where we have been conned, the marketing machine has placed the product in everyone's hand, the product is bad for us, so the marketers have created a situation where we need a diet product to counteract the evils of the original product.


Lady's and gentlemen, we have been sold a puppy.  The marketing machine has hooked us on an evil product we didn't previously need and then it sells us a diet product to remove the evil, but we never needed the original product in the first place, so therefore we don't need the diet product.


Next week I'll talk about the super puppy


Outdoor Cycling


Road Racing

This weekend is the Tour of Canberra.  Your's truly, the boys (and one girl) from the club are down to battle it out in pollie town with the best that NSW/ACT and perhaps the odd VIC can throw at us.


For me it's a 3 stage race;

Saturday morning 55k hilly pack race

Saturday afternoon 20k flat Individual Time Trail (ITT)

Sunday morning 82k very hilly pack race


The times of the 3 stages are summed together and the winner is who has the smallest total time.


I've come 11th, which I'm really happy with


Woman's introduction to track riding – Saturday 2pm

Continues this Saturday

Info :

Contact: Jessica

Guy's are on Monday and Wednesday nights.





Fitness First

Join me for a double at Rockdale Tuesday evening


Mon 2/05/11 5:45 PM          5Dock Mon 5.45pm

Tue 3/05/11 5:45 PM           Rock Tue 5.45pm

Tue 3/05/11 6:45 PM           Rock Tue 6.45pm

Wed 4/05/11 5:45 PM          N Strath Wed 5.45pm

Thu 5/05/11 6:00 AM           Walker Thu 6.00am

Fri 6/05/11 6:15 AM             Rock Fri 6.15am

Sat 7/05/11 8:15 AM            Rock HiPf Sat 8.15am



Mon 2/05/11 7:30 PM          Riverwood Mon 7.30pm

Tue 3/05/11 6:15 AM           Riverwood Tue 6.15am


Ask Mike


If you have any questions or things you would like to see in the newsletter, then let me know


See you at the Gym


Cheers Mike



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