Sunday, September 16, 2012

Fitness News #73 - Smoking vs Dietary Crimes

In previous blog posts, I've pointed out that more people die from diet related health issues than smoking related health issues.  As I lay in my bed this week with a bout of man flu, I read articles that talked about some analysis in the UK, where they determined that poor diet can do more harm to you than smoking.

Smoking vs Dietary Crimes

Really there's no comparison, this debate is a bit like saying "I eat at McDonald's as the food is less fatty than KFC" but stating that a poor diet is worse than smoking does point out is how significant having a bad diet can be to you.  But food wise, perhaps we are a bit like smoking was in the 50's when the cigaret companies were advertising the benefits of smoking, such as "smoking makes you slim".  Switch on your TV, the smoking adverts have gone, but products make from cheap calorie dense ingredients are constantly marketed at you while fruit and vegetable adverting is virtually non existent.  With Australia deep into a obesity crisis, perhaps its time to start regulating food marketing, along the ways that smoking marketing was initially regulated. 

What you should do

Have a look at the things in your life that are not productive for your future, set a strategy to reduce and remove those.  Set realistic goals, perhaps tackle one issue at a time.;
  1. Smoking and other drugs.  If these are in your life, they must be your first priority to deal with.
  2. Diet.  There is no silver bullet for this one.  Its a complex topic and there are a lot of differing views on this.  For me its been a journey of gradual continuous improvement.  I keep making little improvements, while continuing to enjoy what I eat.
  3. Exercise.  You know this one and what it does for you.

What if you did nothing

Well its up to you what quality you get out of life and how long you live.


 Haven't done any racing lately.  I'm entered for a road race next weekend


 We have a new release which I will be playing at selected clubs and all RPM classes next week;
 1 Drive By - Train
2 Breathing - Reckless Ozzy
3 Laserlight (DRM Vs. Days Remix) - Electro Driverz
4 Charlie Brown - Coldplay
5 Crush On You - Cavern Buckle
6 Ya Mama "Push The Tempo" - Fatboy Slim Vs. Moguai
7 Apollo Road - ATB & Dash Berlin
8 You Are The Best Thing - Ray LaMontagne
9 93 Million Miles - Jason Mraz      

There's also a bonus track 5, that I will play at a future date;
5 Everybody Talks - Stellar Cosmo


Last week covering at Newtown

Fitness First 
Rockdale Mon 6.00am Ride 
Pitt st Mon 11.30am RPM
Pitt st Mon 1.10pm Ride30 
Five Dock Mon 5.45pm RPM - 56 release with Carolanne
Rockdale Tue 6.30pm RPM
Top Ryde Wed 5.45pm Ride
Walker St Thu 6.00am RPM - 56 release with Vicki
Bond St Thu 11.45am RPM
Newtown Thu 6.40pm Ride - last week
Riverwood Mon 7.30pm RPM - 56 release with Jacquiline
Riverwood Tue 6.15am RPM - 56

Stadium Fitness Centre Friday 6.15am RPM - 56 release

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