Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fitness News: Once we were Warriors

Holidaying in New Zealand I went to 2 Maori performances.  At the first one I noticed that the men were fit and trim, where at the second one the men were more typical of the general Maori.


Once we were Warriors

When Europeans arrived in New Zealand the Maori's were possibly the fiercest indigenous communities encountered in the Pacific.  They were lean, strong and extremely fit, a result of an active lifestyle and restricted eating selection.
Maori Fitness
The life of a Maori male was pretty much based on using all available time to contribute to food gathering/production and tribal needs, largely around military necessities.  Food came from the sea, the forest and some cultivation.  All of which required activity.  When not dealing with food they were dealing with protection, the building of fortifications and lots of military training, I think we call this boot camp nowadays.
Maori Nutrition
I remember that their diet consisted of  Fish, Shellfish, Birds and Kumra  which is a type of sweet potato.  Nobody mentions it but it probably included the Maori rat, the only other mammal in NZ.  A quick search on Google and there's an article about a guy who lost 75Kg on the Maori diet  Dramatic weight loss on Maori diet. Don't worry there's no mention of rat :)

What you should do

Take an active interest in articles like the one posted above, but don't jump into whatever its suggesting.  Ultimately you need to find your own wellness path.

Be aware that life has 2 paths that can be taken, the one you want and the one you are traveling. 

What if you did nothing

If you don't learn, you don't grow.


The NSW summer series track series was completed prior to the NZ holiday and some other track races.  The primary objective of them was to win back my race craft, over winter I had some poor performances that was caused by a lack of confidence post my accident, so regaining race confidence.

Currently half way thru the NSW track championships, not setting the world on fire so far, but my main event is tomorrow.... fingers crossed.


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