Monday, May 10, 2010

Fitness News #3

Fitness News #2

Hi Guys and Gals,

Welcome to Fitness News #3

While on Holiday I've managed to do some classes with Sarah, who is the #1 RPM instructor in the world.  Sarah along with her husband Glen are the creators of RPM.  I've posted a couple of photos of Sarah on Facebook.

Saw a guy get off the ferry and he had his helmet on back to front, so I took a snap with my phone camera LOL

Stumbled upon this picture of spinning in a swimming pool, what do you recon that would be like?

underwater cycling.jpg
RPM 49

Talked about this release last week, some of you have been lucky enough to have been to a release, if you have, let me know what you thought of each of songs. 

Here's the list of what you were played (same list as last week)
1 Pack Ride
 California Gurls 
2 Pace
 If I Had You
3 Hills
 Russian Roulette (Blunatix Meets B Tastic Remix)
4 Mixed Terrain
5 Intervals
 Propane Nightmares
6 Speed Work
 Never Cry Again (Extended Mix)
7 Mountain Climb
 Blade (Jon Doe & Kutski Remix)
8 Ride Home
 Never Hold You Down
9 Stretch

I was asked about forums.  Well there are 3 main forums that have content on Group Fitness
Les Mills
Les Mills Forums is the official forum of the Les Mills programs.  Most of the posts are by instructors.  Sometimes you get posters who are a little argumentative, but generally you get your questions answered
Group Fitness
The original forum for group exercise, does cover some items outside of Les Mills, but mainly Les Mills.  A little quieter than the Les Mills forums, but the posters are nearly always friendly
Vouge Sport & Fitness
A general fitness forum, but often the posts are specific to Les Mills activities.  Not that many instructors, but there are some.

Second week in New Zealand,  Luana and Fumi are continuing to cover my classes. 

Last week Fumi was sick and Alice covered North Strathfield Wednesday 5.45pm.  Haven't met Alice

Ask Mike

If you have any questions or things you would like to see in the newsletter, then let me know

See you at the Gym

Cheers Mike

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Sleep Ride Eat Repeat

Michael Clement

Sleep Ride Eat Repeat