Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Fitness News #76 - Social Fitness

I'm feeling pretty tired on my rest day and my friend Stuart, who is also an RPM instructor suggested we do a Body Balance class later in the week.  Suddenly doing this Balance class is on the agenda, but the question begs, why wasn't it on the agenda before?

Note: major changes in classes, please see below

Social Fitness

 At times I've said the best exercise in the world is the exercise that you enjoy doing, however to use the phrase "the sord has two edges" in the case of exercise one side of the sord is the endorphins that we get from the exercise and the other side is self presevation, the saving of energy for a later date when starvation can occur, even though this never happens anymore.

If we go back to our tribal days, all our exercise was incidental and this is where the social aspect came in, working in groups, the tasks of the tribe were accomplished more effectively and with greater security.  We worked towards a common goal and our body rewarded us for the effort with endorphins.

Modern society has rewarded us with unlimited food and the elimination of most incidental exercise, however our primal need for survival is still in us and our body encourages us to preserve our fat reserverses for the famine that will never come.

What you should do

Look for fun activities you can do with your friends, some examples;
  • Go see  Sculpture by the Sea. The walk along the beaches will happen without your friends realizing.
  • Get your friend to come to the gym with you.  Making a commitment to a friend means that if you bail, then your are letting your friend down, you are more likely to go.
  • Join a social group that does active things, like a cycling or bush walking club.
  • Participate in group fitness.  Even if you don't know the others, having them around will spur you on.

What if you did nothing

  • There are those who prefer to exercise by themselves. If that works for you then stick with it.


My knee is on the improve and I have entered some of the NSW summer track series.  Shall see what happens.



There are big changes in the classes at Fitness First;
  • Top Ryde Wedneday 6.15pm, I am no longer doing.  Carolanne has taken that class.
  • Rockdale Tuesday 6.30pm, I no longer do that one.  Have not been advised who has taken it.
  • Five Dock Monday 5.45pm.  This gym is now owned by FitNFast.  The class continues.

Five Dock Mon 5.45pm RPM

Note:  Fit-N-Fast uses original music.  Please go to >>  totally les mills << and find the tracks that you want to hear, then send them to me in an email.  

Fitness First 
Rockdale Mon 6.00am Ride 

Pitt st Mon 11.30am RPM
Pitt st Mon 1.10pm Ride30

Walker St Thu 6.00am RPM

Bond St Thu 11.45am RPM
Riverwood Mon 7.30pm RPM 
Riverwood Tue 6.15am RPM

Stadium Fitness Centre Friday 6.15am RPM
Stadium Fitness Centre Saturday 6.30am RPM- Covering

Sleep Ride Eat Repeat

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