Saturday, July 14, 2012

Fitness News #70 - Dedication

 My office is set in a semi bush location and has large outdoor areas.  From the windows near my desk I can see a small area devoted to smoking, there's a table and chairs under a garden umbrella.  To get to this area you need to walk down a path from the building in the open.

One day it was absolutely bucketing down, any sane person would of given their cigaret break a miss, but that wasn't the case, the smokers were huddled under the umbrella having their break.

Now that's Dedication  


 OK smoking may not be what we want to be dedicated to, but exercise is, I struck this example of dedication, which is more like what we want;

Last Wednesday evening, I turned up at the class and it was 60% Male 40% Female.  I said isn't there something on tonight.... oh that's right State Of Origin.  One of the guys told me, we worked out we had enough time to do the class and still get to watch the match.

The fact is that busy people find the time to do exercise while others find time to make excuses why they don't exercise.

What you should do

Reevaluate what you do with your time and work out where it is being used effectively or not effectively.   Set your priorities to what you want to be dedicated to.

What if you did nothing

  At the end of the day, letting obstacles get in the way of your exercise goals will only defeat you.


 We drove down to Kangaroo Valley and rode over to Norwa, then out of town to the NSW TTT course where we trained on the course, in preparation for next Saturday's championship, then back to Kangaroo Valley 


Have you tried the new format Ride30 at Pitt st, Monday 1.10pm

Fitness First 
Rockdale Mon 6.00am Ride 
Pitt st Mon 11.30am RPM
Pitt st Mon 1.10pm Ride30 
Five Dock Mon 5.45pm RPM
Rockdale Tue 6.30pm RPM
Top Ryde Wed 5.45pm Ride
Walker St Thu 6.00am RPM
Pitt st Thu 12.20pm RPM (covering for Stuart)
Riverwood Mon 7.30pm RPM
Riverwood Tue 6.15am RPM

Stadium Fitness Centre Friday 6.15am RPM

Sleep Ride Eat Repeat

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